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Keep Time Accurately With Quality Watch Movements - C.R Time

Be Confident Your Watches Will Run Like Clockwork With the Highest Standard of Watch Movements.

Precision Watch Movements

The watch movement is the very heart of watch design as it is responsible for the operation. Made up of many components, it is essential the watch movement be of high quality to ensure accurate timekeeping.

We stock many varieties and brands of watch movements wholesale for you to choose from. Buy watch movements from a trusted and reputable supplier to ensure you pass on the quality to your customers. Discover the wide range of watch movements from C.R. Time Company.

Types of Watch Movements

Although all watch movements have the same purpose, there are different types for different watches. Watch brands must use the specific watch movement suited to their design. 

Mechanical Watch Movements

Also known as hand-wound movements, these are the oldest watch movements beginning in the 16th century. The movement must be wound by hand every day to allow the watch to operate. They are usually found in more traditional, higher end and collectible watches.

Automatic Watch Movements

In the 20th century came the self-winding watch movement which winds itself while the watch is worn. These became commonplace in most luxury watch designs. However, if the watch is not worn for a period of time, it will stop and require manual winding. 

Quartz Watch Movements

With little need for maintenance and powered by a battery, the quartz movement is the most affordable option. The lack of technicality of this type of movement makes them attractive for a watch maker's budget, however, wouldn't interest a watch connoisseur. It is currently the most accurate type of watch movement used today.

ETA Watch Movements

Short for ETA SA Manufacture Horlogère Suisse, ETA watch movements have been manufactured since the early 1800s. As one of the most exclusive kinds of watch movements, they are only used in classic Swiss-style watches.

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Why C.R. Time Company

For more than 30 years we have proudly supplied the highest standard of watch movements to our clients across North America. We understand the importance of accuracy and reliability of watch movements which is why we only sell the very best. 

We are the one-stop shop our customers rely on so they can serve their customers with the best-rated watch-making and watch repair services. Find out what our customers say about us.

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We offer excellent quality watch movements of all kinds for great value wholesale prices. By purchasing wholesale, you will make great savings which you could pass on to your customers. View our watch movements listings for individual prices.

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