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Packaging Matters; Let us help!

C.R. Time Company can help you with your wholesale jewelry display needs for your business. From gem gift bags and zip-locked bags for jewelry, to cotton filled boxes and jewelry and watch displays, C.R. Time Company has the jewelry packaging you need to ensure that your jewelry displays stand out in the right way. We have a large selection of jewelry display options that will ensure that your jewelry looks good to your customers.

Presentation is one of the most essential aspects of generating sales, and customers often need some help with what they're looking for. Catering jewelry displays to your target audience is the best way that you can ensure that you get the sales you need. It also looks fantastic, which reflects well on your business and the standards that you hold for it.

Matching Your Displays

When it comes to displaying jewelry, you need to consider the taste and style of your customers. Your products are very likely corresponding with these two categories, and if you sell the high-end pieces that are one of a kind, you want to ensure that you can shine the spotlight on each of those pieces. Allow your displays to match the vibe that you want to convey, and you won't have a problem bringing the eyes of your target customers right to your display window.

Use Mirrors To Help

Customers will enter your store to try on jewelry, and they want to view it at all angles. Ensuring that you include mirrors in your display windows, as well as your stores, will encourage customers to try on new pieces so that they can see for themselves the way it all sparkles. Well-placed mirrors are conversation openers so that you can offer help to those trying items on.

Make The Jewelry The Center Of Attention

Choose your jewelry displays wholesale wisely. You want them to enhance the display, not take it over and make it so that the displays are the only thing on which to focus. Less is always more when it comes to jewelry displays, so make sure it's the jewelry pieces that are standing out the most.

We Offer Displays For All Jewelry

At C.R. Time, we understand the importance of creating displays that are attractive for your jewelry pieces. Making use of all colors and styles to set the right tone is essential, and you can make a strong statement about you with the correct display for your customers.