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C.R. Time Specialize In A Range Of Clock Movements & Replacement Hands

Order your clock movements wholesale today and keep your clocks moving.

At C.R. Time, we believe in offering high-quality clock movements and replacement hands for your customers' clocks in their home or office. We carry clock fit-ups and quartz clock movement options. Aren't sure which clock movement you require? Contact us and you'll be guided in the right direction for the correct mechanical clock movement.

It won't take you long to get your clock up and running again with our quick delivery service once you order online, and when you receive your replacement movement, you can get right to breathing life into the clock once more.

Take Time To Install Your Movement

The cost of the new movements that you would need for your clocks is the same - if not less - than the cost of cleaning your clock unit. Once you've gone through the installation of a clock movement, it should last you another 25 years or more before requiring another service or a replacement. Some clock movements come with bronzed brushings to increase the life of the movement, and in the units that are non-pendulum, your clock will be introduced to better balance for the sole purpose of extending the life of the movement.

At C.R. Time Company, we ensure that we offer nothing short of the best for your clock movement needs, and you won't have to worry about waiting too long for delivery, either!

Often, replacing your clock movements wholesale is quicker and more cost-effective than waiting for a service or repair. A new clock movement gives you the chance to update the internal structure of your clock, too, taking advantage of the way that the manufacturing technology has evolved since your last clock repairs.

Finding The Right Movement

If you are in need of a complete movement that you cannot find on our website, you can call our team and request a quote for the movement parts that you need. We will need to know about the pendulum length of your clock, and you can often find this stamped into the back of the movement or under the calibre of the clock. It would also be helpful to know whether your clock has automatic beat vs deadbeat; as it does make a difference to the type of clock and finding the right movement for you.

Contact Us Now

For all your clock movement wholesale needs, contact C.R. Time Company. Call us today at 800.541.5494, and we can help. Our experts are on hand with the advice you need for the correct clock movements.