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Stock up with our premium watch batteries. Buy watch batteries in bulk from CR Time.

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Watch Batteries Wholesale: Keep Clients’ Watches Running

Running out of your watch battery stock? Need to replace your watch batteries in bulk?

CR Time Company can help. Like any other electronic device, watch batteries die. This can leave your clients stranded and scampering into your business premises for a replacement. To keep them satisfied with your services, we can help replenish your watch battery stock. We’ll help you fulfill the watch battery replacement needs of your clients with quality watch batteries.

Quality Wholesale Watch Batteries: Don’t Settle for Less

Renata Watch Batteries Wholesale

Renata batteries originate from a Swiss company owned by the Swatch Group. The company makes over 30 different types of 100% mercury-free, silver-oxide batteries. Providing about 1.5 volts and having a very low self-discharge rate, these cell batteries are designed to power watches needing compact, long-lasting, and low-voltage power.

These button cell batteries are preferred for Swiss quartz watches by the most popular and highest quality watch brand manufacturers. Additionally, Renata Lithium coin cell batteries are also available in a child-resistant packaging called “Secure Card”.

Energizer Watch Batteries Wholesale

As one of the most trusted brands, Energizer offers a wide variety of silver oxide and lithium batteries. These batteries are resistant to leakage and provide 1.5 volts. This allows users to enjoy longevity after battery replacement.

Maxell Watch Batteries Wholesale

Maxell batteries are available in two models: a low-drain type for analog watches and a high-drain model for multi-functional watches with features like alarms, illumination light, and more. The flat discharge and high-energy-density feature make it suitable for precision electronic devices like quartz watches. It also has exceptional leakage resistance.

Murata Watch Batteries Wholesale

Murata silver-oxide watches batteries possess high reliability and performance in addition to their durability. With a distinctive sealing structure, you can worry less about leakage to your watch. What’s more, they have a complex leak-proof sealing technology and high-capacity retention.

Why Choose Us?

For over 30 years, we’ve been supplying quality watch batteries for watch companies, jewelry stores, and watchmakers throughout North America. Our goal is to provide our customers with a one-stop shopping experience for watch and jewelry supplies.

We work with top brands to ensure you get batteries with superior performance and durability. We’re unmatched in our service for watch batteries wholesale.

Buy from Watch Battery Wholesale Distributors You Can Trust

Whether you’re a watch enthusiast, a watch repair shop, a jewelry store, or a watch company, CR Time Company can help you stock premium watch batteries. Our watch batteries are efficient, long-lasting, and reliable.

If you’re buying watch batteries for your business, you can create an account for Discounted Pricing. What’s more, we can help you cross-reference watch battery capabilities and find a suitable replacement for you.

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